Iceland Inspiration

IMG_0237bI’ve recently returned from a fabulous adventure in Iceland. So vibrant and rich in history and natural wonder and yet so very mystical at the same time. This country has taken a little piece of my heart and hidden it away for good, most likely behind some breathtaking waterfall deep in the cleft of a cliff off in the glacial mountains.IMG_0087Someday I will return to retrieve it, but for now I can close my eyes and remember each taste, and scent and texture, and that is enough. Pure ice-cold water enjoyed straight from a stream after a long mountain hike, the comfort of hand-warming street food eaten curb-side in the wind and rain, the tang of the sulfur in the air and the salt of the ocean, the warmth and softness of Icelandic wool – All are ingrained in my memory and will serve as inspirations for years to come.litlareykjahlid_product_1_1024x1024

While touring around downtown Reykjavic, my husband and I stumbled upon an amazing boutique called Farmers Market. I fell in the love with their rustic farm-chic style immediately.

varmaland_par_product_2_1024x1024I’m a huge sucker for chunky knits, knee high socks and just a touch of grunge and this place had just that. My husband walked away with a wonderfully soft and cozy wool undershirt (featured in the photo above). Every time he wears it I picture him coming home to our cabin after a long day of chopping wood and shearing sheep to spend the evening cuddling with me next to the fire while sipping whisky and quietly chatting about our future. Well…I guess we don’t have a cabin…or the sheep, we don’t have those either…or the wood-chopping for that matter, so maybe just fireside cuddles and a few cocktails will have to do! As for me, I see tall leather boots, long woolen socks, soft knits and BIG scarves wrapped loosely round and round my neck as my winter uniform.


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