Life = Cereal

It’s never perfect, is it? Life. Just think of the flawlessly accomplished human beings we could be if only reality didn’t get in the way sometimes. We scheme and we strategize, then all of our plans blow out of the window in an instant like a leaf in the wind just because we missed the bus, or got an unexpected phone call, or work ran late. Real life is like this. It’s a bit grungy and disgruntled, like a hungry bear that’s never quite satisfied. Yet, it can also be truly beautiful in it’s imperfections. Sometimes real life is fresh fettuccine with a creamy seafood sauce that you lovingly prepared for you and your husband to dine on at the table by candlelight. And sometimes it’s a bowl of cereal and a handful of corn chips eaten on the couch in your sweatpants while your husband prepares you a cocktail because it’s simply been a long day. But let me tell you – While free evenings and homemade pasta is a glorious thing, cancelled plans and cereal on the couch is even more beautiful, because without a kitchen filled with dirty dishes and a time crunch, sweatpants-wearing, cereal-toting me got to sit and relax long enough to be able to dig into a meaningful conversation with my husband about the frightening bears in life as well as the sweet things: our dreams, goals, and dare I say, plans for our future.


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