The Country, Llamas, Moving Boxes

Oh boy. It’s been a while since I’ve been back here, hasn’t it. You put your “pen and paper” down for one day and all of a sudden you’re standing in a new place three weeks from yesterday. Here, let me just blow off my keys and wipe the dust from my screen and…there that’s better. It’s like I never left.


In all honesty there has been quite a bit happening these last few weeks. Trips to see family and friends, illnesses, and the biggest change of all, MOVING! Yes, my husband and I moved. We moved so far away from where we were, so far that it took days of driving and boat ride and a moving company and and and…I’m lying actually. We settled into a place only 20 minutes from our old residence. With the help of some wonderful friends, we were able to move everything in about one day. While moving just up north a bit may not seem like that big of deal, it is a world of a difference to us. Not only is it a physical change, a new town and a bigger home, but it has also been an enormous mental and emotional switch.


Gabe and I had lived in this last apartment since we got married. It was our first place together. It was tiny and it was perfect. We bought our first piece of furniture together there. We had fights there. Shed tears there. That was were we rolled on the living room floor, holding our sides and struggling for air from laughing so hard. There is much that I will miss about our first home: The coziness, the price (hello debt payoff), the large bright windows, the enormous kitchen (for an apartment), the backyard that turned into a lake whenever it rained for a few days, being able to memorize the angles of every room so well that I could navigate in the dark like a bat in a cave. I will also miss forgetting that it’s a small space and that the bed frame is right there and stubbing my toe so hard I proceed to cry like a little girl. Okay, maybe not that last one.


One of the things that I will perhaps miss the most is the scenery. This was my first time living in the “country” as opposed to the “city.” (I use quotations only because we were all but 5 minutes from town. However, it felt as remote and peaceful as a true country dwelling.) Wildlife would wander into the yard and prance about as if in some sort of Disney cartoon. On misty mornings the horses across the road would be neighing and pawing at the ground. There was also this guy (girl?), pictured below. If it had been a particularly rough day for me, I would throw on my tennis shoes and walk down the road to visit my fuzzy friend. He never failed to cheer me up. I mean, how can you not smile when looking at a llama face like this.

photo copy 3

On top of all of that, I was even more so blessed to be witness to sunsets so beautiful I couldn’t help but stop whatever I was doing to stand and stare in awe.

IMG_0251 IMG_0271

Yet, here I am, writing from the dining room (an actual dining room!) of a new apartment. There is not a doubt in my mind that my new home will soon be filled with all manner of beautiful memories. Lord willing, we will not have to move from here for a long time. Moving is exciting and very very tiring. It can be bitter, yes, but it is almost always overshadowed by the pure sweetness of doing something new, of changing things up and being in a completely different location than I was before. I mean, I practically feel like I am on vacation right now and just living in a hotel temporarily, only there are boxes everywhere, I have to go to work in the morning, and there are already a few dishes in the sink. Such is life. I know there will be more fights and more tears in this new space, but there will be even more laughter and an even deeper love between me and my husband than before. There will be houseguests and parties, messes to clean and mail to read. And I truly cannot wait to soak up each and every minute of it.


2 thoughts on “The Country, Llamas, Moving Boxes

  1. Your account of moving brought back lots of “moving” memories to me. Every place we moved we made lots of great friends. As a result, we have friends all over the United States and are grateful for them. Thanks for the memory!

    • You bet! One of the perks of moving, in my mind, is the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships, like you say. It’s great knowing that we still have friends in all of the old places as well. Thanks for the comment!

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