New Toy

Did I tell you I got a new camera for Christmas? A real, grown up, digital camera. I am so blessed. The wanderlust wells up in me all over again every time I take it out to play. Several months ago I drove up to the beach at Semiahmoo hoping to stretch my rusty photography loving muscles and to maybe catch a decent sunset. Well, the sky more than delivered that night. Sunsets are funny. You often think they’re over, as they softly set into those pastels of honey and cream, but, more often than not, you have only to wait a bit longer. Wait until that ball of fire just dips below the horizon, then… POW! An explosion of neons so bright my mind can hardly comprehend them. Sherbet? Wildflowers? The sun cannot be compared to anything other than itself. And here it is, throwing one last party before bedtime.




IMG_0418How do you describe that inner peace that you feel when it’s just you and your camera and everything else fades away? That meditation. That prayer. Every flap of a bird’s wings, every roll of the waves, and every reflection in every sandy pool is magic. And you can’t help but linger to soak up every last drop of it, even when it’s freezing out and your nose is running and your hands are numb. It’s all worth it, isn’t it. Moments like these make my soul sing praises.