Twine Wrapped Bottles

Sometimes when life gets going at lightning speed it’s hard to remember to sit down every once in a while just to tinker or fiddle or craft. It’s good for the health, I say. I recently carved out a few minutes to make this twine wrapped bottle and am glad I did. As it isn’t always easy for me to toss a thing before weighing all possible options for repurpose, I had been collecting wine bottles of different shapes and colors here and there for a while with the intention of turning them into lanterns. I never quite got around to that. Because one can only have so many empty wine bottles lying about the house before feeling like a wino, I decided to break up the collection and turn a few into vases.

photo 1

I could see these being used as centerpieces for a wedding or set in a small grouping of different sizes on a mantel or dining room table. Mine is currently in my guest bathroom. All you need is a clean bottle, twine, and a glue gun. Starting at the top, run a line of glue right under the lip of the bottle and press the twine into it and let it dry. Do this again until you have at least three glued lines around the top. This is your starting point, so it’s important that it sticks well. From there, continue to wrap the twine around the neck of the bottle, one loop at a time. It isn’t necessary to glue every line down at this point, but it is very important that you wrap the twine tightly or else it will unravel on you. Be sure to also push each new loop of twine up so that it sits tight against the last line and there is no glass showing in between.

photo 2

Continue to wrap until the bottle begins to flare out. Around two or three loops before the bottles starts to widen, you will need to start gluing the twine down again.

photo 3

Each line from here on will need to be glued down or else it will come undone as the bottle changes shape. While holding the twine tight in your left hand, run a short line of glue underneath the last row with your right and press the twine into it. Once the bottle begins to straighten out a little you may be able to stop gluing and just wrap. It’s going to depend on the shape of the bottle. You will be able to tell whether the twine will slip or bunch without glue.

photo 4

As you reach the bottom, flip the bottle upside down and begin gluing the rows down again. I stopped wrapping about an inch from the bottom because I wanted a bit of the glass to show, but you could go all of the way to the base. Glue the last bit of twine down and trim the tail with scissors.

photo 3 So what are you tinkering with these days? Do you have any fun ideas for getting that quick craft fix?